Dumped as expected yesterday, it was a heavy move which broke the first short term support zone and also wicked through the next support at $19k. Price seems to have rejected to give us some sights on a bull move for an intraday bias but I want to see a good reaction before getting into another position. I’ll be leaning more on buys to $20.4k for a short term move.


Had a retest of the resistance zone and sold off right into the support zone and also filled the imbalance in price as it moved. Good reaction in price right there at the support zone, I’ll look out for buy entries that support my bullish intraday bias for today. I want to see price trade up into $1,525.


Similar price action here following the dump, Intraday longs should deliver seeing that we have a nice reaction from the support zone as well. But I won’t be quick to engage considering the fact that we are almost at the resistance zone again.


Nice reaction in price from the support zone. I expect a run up to $30 for a short term rally. Intraday bias is bullish.


Was due for retracement as I mentioned yesterday and delivered as expected right into the support zone, check it out here. Intraday long entries should deliver from this point onwards.

Let us know your favorite crypto assests via the comment section below and we’ll have it analyzed for you. I wish you good luck and good trading.

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