Dumped heavily and had a low at $16.8k, took out sell side liquidity and filled the imbalance on the monthly levels. This isn’t an ideal market to be looking for setups just yet. But I think we may have just seen the low of the market and the bulls would take over very soon. Be safe and do not force trades.


Dumped likewise, breaking through a number of zones, The buys should come in soon, I’ll be sitting on my hands for now.


Crazy price action here due to fundamentals, as Binance CEO CZ reportedly acquired crypto exchange platform FTX which caused a lot of controversies. Nothing is clear as to the next direction in price and so I’ll rather wait and watch for now.


Scary sights for Sol here as we broke through the last support zone and is still tanking down heavily, might be heade to to zero, we have price currently filling an imbalance and if we fail to see it move upwards, it may not end well for Sol.


Headed once more for the resistance zone after the initial dump. We’ll wait and see how price reacts from that level before engaging again.

The market is purely fundamental and not directional at the moment so it’s best to sit on your hands and not trade. Let us know your favorite crypto assets via the comment section and we’ll have them analyzed for you. I wish you all good luck and good trading.

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