Has surged through a number of resistance zones and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down at the moment. I’d rather hop in on the trend as price looks heavily bullish. One more re-test of that zone and I’ll be in on longs to $25k.



Price has rallied continuously and is trading currently at resistance. I want to see a breakout of that zone and then a re-test to continue the trend. I’m bullish for an intra-day bias.



Trending bullish as well,  I want to see price come back to the support zone or trendline for more long entries, or break above resistance and have a re-test before delivery.


Rallied heavily to the upside and has now rejected from the resistance zone. I want to see price break above that zone and give a re-test to continue the rally.



In a clear bullish trend but has rejected multiple times from the strong resistance zone. We might hit the support zone before another bullish move, I’d like to see price break resistance before engaging though. I’m sticking with a bullish bias.

Let us know your favorite crypto assets that you like to trade via the comment section below and we’ll have them analyzed for you. I wish you good luck and good trading.





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