Bullish run continues and price is reaching into the resistance zone at $18.8k.  Today the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will be released and after the release we’ll be decided on the short term directional bias.


Retraced as expected but fell short of the support zone and continued the bull run and has reached the resistance zone at $1400 which it has rejected from. I’ll be waiting as well for the CPI release before engaging.


Retraced and rallied into the $286 zone as expected. Price has currently rejected from that zone and although its looking like another retracement. A directional bias will also be decided after the CPI new release.


Retraced into the support zone as expected and looks to rally higher. Staying on the sidelines as well until the news release.


Broke through resistance and is retracing to find support at that zone. Its looking likely to price higher and so I’ll be waiting to see the outcome of the news release.


The Consumer Price Index new release usually has a high impact on the markets and so it is advisable to not engage until the market has responded to the release and the outcome is known.

I wish you good luck and good trading.

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