Price seems to have recovered and is on a bullish run at the moment.  Looks likely to break that $17.3k zone soon.

I am anticipating higher prices for BTC and I’ll be look out for any long entries.



I’m also going with a bullish bias for ETH today. Although I’d like to see it have a re-test of the broken resistance zone and find support there before rallying. Price should reach up into $1360.



Trending bullish as well we should get into the next resistance zone at $286 before expecting any form of reaction. For now I’ll be looking out for long entries to that zone.



Is reaching for higher prices, I want to see it retest the broken resistance zone and find support to continue on its rally.



Rallied into the resistance and rejected from that zone. Has traded right up into it again and looks certain to breakthrough it. I  want to see that break out and a retest before scouting long entries.


Welcome back everyone, we’ll continue to serve you daily technical analysis on your favorite crypto assets. Let us know in the comment section what you would like us to analyze next for you. I wish you good luck and good trading.

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