Ended the previous week and up close candle but rejected off a major resistance zone. I want see prices go down to about $19k. But for today I’ll be on the lookout for short entries to the next support zone. Intraday bias is bearish.

Rejected from the resistance zone as well and had a slight retest and is now looking to trades lower. I’ll be shorting to $1.5k first with the next support zone in sight.

Broke through resistance and looks like it’ll find support on that zone but most likely won’t be the case because BTC looks bearish which implies it’ll follow suit. So I’d like to see that zone give way and have a decent retest for us to find short entries.

Dumped by a good percentage from a high resistance zone after the surge upwards. Currently trading at support which is decent for longs, but I’d like to see how BTC reacts before engaging.

Has been on a nice bull run for sometime now and I expect a decent retracement. I’ll simply be on the lookout for short entries.

It’s a new week and I believe we’ll still see more of lower prices so do not be in a hurry to jump into long positions. Do well to let us know of your favorite assets that you’ll love to be analyzed for you and it will be done for you.

I wish you all good luck and good trading.


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