Price came crashing into the major support zone at $22,500 as the daily candle closed bearish yesterday. The bulls responded well as the zone was defended. With price rallying by almost 5% after it found support there. Currently rejected at a minor resistance at the moment and we may see some consolidation. An intraday short to $22,800 is on the cards. Also the zone might be tested again. If we lose the support at $22,500 we may see price crash. But then there’s also a trendline support to watch out for.

On the other hand has been struggling to break through the major resistance zone at $1,662 – $1,610. Broke through the short term trendline support but recovered well. Having tested a minor resistance at the moment, after wicking through the major resistance. It’ll be interesting to see we can stay above the resistance zone and find support there later. Intra day short scalps can deliver within this current trading range. Even as price seems to be consolidating on the 4H.

Is soaring at the moment. And if you have been following up from previous analysis you’ll know that we have been bullish on this coin. It has broken through another resistance zone and has also found there. It’ll be interesting to see where prices reaches for. But then might see a kind of retracement soon so don’t be in haste to jump into longs positions if you have not been following from like 3 days back. And if you have any opened, it’s only wise to take profits and close a good percentage of your open positions if not all.

The support zone is holding up really nicely. I want to see a clear breakout and probably a retest before making any moves here.

Although price is still struggling to break through the major resistance zone at $0.93 – $0.90 we can see a little bullish move coming together with a series of Higher Highs and Higher Lows on the 1h time frame. A little trendline support is forming too. I want to see the continue until it breaks out of the resistance zone then we have a re-test of the zone before the move upward.


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