The Archbishop of Washington D.C. has made a statement saying that his Archdiocese will now accept cryptocurrency donations as it looks to expand its ministries. The church is partnering with crypto firm, Engiven, which will be responsible for the facilitation of crypto donations to the church through it’s platform.


According to information on the archdiocese’s website, the donations will be used to support all parishes within it’s jurisdiction. The donations will primarily go into support for local programs, members welfare and feeding the needy. On the site, the donations are accepted in many different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).


Crypto adoption appears to have gone mainstem and has found its way into religion. The recent move by the Archdiocese of Washington is enough prove that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular in every facet of life. The Catholic church is however not the first faith-based organization to adopt cryptocurrency by accepting cryptocurrency donations.


Engiven claims that so far, it has helped over 400 faith-based organizations to raise funds in cryptocurrency at one point or another. According to the founder of the platform, James Lawrence, faith-based denominations cannot afford to overlook their online members who have become endeared to cryptocurrency and the comfort and ease of transactions which it brings.


However, not all faith-based organizations embrace cryptocurrency and other technological innovations with open arms. For instance, the Russian Orthodox church affirmed that it has no plans to accept cryptocurrency donations in February although it might be in line with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order. The Russian president signed a bill into law against making any cryptocurrency payments in Russia at that time.


While Catholics still hold diverse views on cryptocurrency and other technological innovations, other religions have already decided to embrace them. Islam has endorsed the use of cryptocurrency even as far as accepting an Islamic coin. It is clear that modernity has settled in when it comes to donations and hopefully cryptocurrency will break more grounds as it’s adoption significantly increases.


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