As I said yesterday, you can check out yesterday’s post here the support zone was likely to give way soon and it played out to perfection as price broke below it and went as low as $18.5k where it is currently trading at another support zone. Should see some relief rally to $19.2k before further move downwards.

Failed to stay above the resistance zone at tanked down again breaking through the trendline support as well. We might have a re-test of the either the broken trendline support or the resistance zone above but I expect lower prices for ETH. And like I said yesterday, ETH movements will rely on fundamentals in the coming weeks due to the upcoming Merge.

Traded down into a major support zone and I expect a rally in price to at least fill in the imbalance above. We should trade up into $270 for BNB.

Is currently trading at a support zone which might not hold up for much long. I want to see price go up to $32 and then break below support.

Broke the trendline support, and through the zone below it. Looks like it’s headed for the next support zone but we might have a re-test of the already broken zone before further movements in price.

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