BTC is still ranging, sitting heavily on support at the moment. Has failed to reach for the resistance zone in the past few days and it’s beginning to look like the support zone might not hold up price much longer. At this point I’d rather just sit and watch how price unfolds.


Seems to be trending bullish at the moment and almost breaking through resistance. Trading ETH based on TA alone is quite risky at the moment because of the upcoming merge. I won’t be looking to engage this pair until the whole merge thing is over.


Traded upwards and just tapped into the resistance zone before seeing another rejection. Price is basically trading back and forth the support and resistance zones. If you can find decent entries, basically long support and short resistance.


Price has reacted nicely off the support zone and is looking to head towards the resistance zone at least in the short term. You can engage with this direction in mind.


Still trending bullish and just rejected from resistance. Trendline support is still holding up. How price reacts at this levels will form the basis for our next bias on the direction of price.

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