We are almost losing the support zone which is not a good sign at all as price closed below it. Although it is now currently trading in the zone but it might as well be a re-test of the zone before we see lower prices. We may see price hit 22k in a very short while.


ETH is still been held up by the trendline support but from the look of things it would give way anytime soon. We’re beginning to trend bearish already although still trading at the major support zone.


Has finally broken through the support zone after it first broke through the trendline support. And now we’re seeing price re-test the zone. We should see intra day shorts into lower prices for BNB.


Has broken through support as well and although we still have another important zone coupled with the trendline support, I want price to have a re-test of the already broken zone and then move lower into the next support zone. Intra day short entries can be found.


We might see a huge tank down in price as after breaking through support, there’s no zone in sight to hold up price properly. Intra day shorts can be taken.

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