Renowned Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins is set to collaborate with Orange Comet, an art/entertainment company focusing on NFT minting and promotion services, to launch his first NFT collection. Anthony Hopkins had already released an NFT movie and this new NFT collection will mirror his life as an artist.


The NFT collection will be the first batch of the NFT series “The Eternal Collection” and it will run for three days according to Orange Comet. During the three days, collectors will have access to more than 1000 NFT pictures of Anthony based on different archetypes.


Anthony’s interest in an NFT collection immortalizing his career increased after he released his Zero contact film as an NFT on Vuele. Vuele is a web 3.0 creative studio platform that allows users to view and collect NFT content and limited edition feature films. His interest in NFTs was so deep that he asked Snoop Dogg for advice before purchasing his first digital collectibles.


Hopkins was interviewed by Yahoo finance where he emphasized that NFTs are a blank canvas to create art in a new format. He also said that NFTs allow for sharing of artistic inspiration with others no matter the age. He joked that he was probably the oldest man in the NFT ecosystem and that anything was possible regardless of age.


The collection has been built to give fans and collectors the opportunity to visually appreciate the actor’s legendary career. CEO of Orange Comet, Dave Broome said it was a real challenge to create a collection that encompassed all the art that the actor had done throughout his legendary career in the film industry.


The collection will be launched on Opensea in mid-september and will feature ten of Anthony’s most relevant movie characters such as Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lamb” and Odin from Marvel’s “Thor”. Those who attend the first day of the auction will be able to meet Anthony in a welcome ceremony and lunch and will also take home an autographed Hopkins art book.


On the third day, 1,000 unique pictures will be auctioned and 39 random buyers with an intimate view of his works and poems will be gifted autographed Hopkins art books. 5 buyers will also be selected to join a video call on Discord with Anthony Hopkins.


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