According to the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformations in Ukraine, Alex Bornyakov, cryptocurrency is now a part of the weaponry Ukraine’s military is using to combat the Russian forces, even as the war between the two nations gets more intense.

On 26th July, in a tweet, the top official reinstated his support for the use of digital currencies, saying that they are “essential” in the war against Russia and must be taken advantage of. His tweet was a response to a post put out by The Kyiv Independent — a Ukraine-based media house — which pointed toward the fact that the Ukraine government has not stopped receiving crypto donations for the country’s humanitarian and military assistance despite the ongoing bear market saga.

Alex Bornyakov further stated that cryptocurrency has provided the country and its soldiers with speed and flexibility, which has become a form of defense in this period of war. He tagged the bear market situation and the crypto donations into the country as the “crypto winter to crypto spring” situation, adding that the crypto industry will stay.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian government has even taken more giant steps by introducing the use of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to get more funds for its military operations. This they have done by creating a war museum called “Meta History: Museum of War”, which is a virtual museum where artworks that portray the events of the Russia-Ukraine war are displayed and immortalized as minable NFTs.

On the other hand, the opposition country, Russia, opposes the use of cryptocurrency, as it recently banned cryptocurrency transactions and operations in the country. Hence, while the former has amassed over $100 million from crypto donations and become one of the countries topping the crypto adoption list, the latter seems not to have any interest in the crypto industry at this point.

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