Mastercard has announced a partnership with leading Asian cryptocurrency gateway, Fasset to bring global solutions to Indonesia while spreading the message of crypto adoption to the Asian continent.

The New-York based financial service providers recently announced that they have joined forces with the Indonesian crypto company to push crypto adoption in Southeast Asia’s biggest country.

The official announcement was made on 14th July 2022 and Fasset confirmed that the partnership will adopt and amplify its expertise in the Asian technological sphere to offer better digital banking services for Asian locals.

According to a recent survey of over 30,000 respondents from 20 nations, 41% of Indonesians own at least a form of cryptocurrency. These metrics are an indication that with the right push, mass cryptocurrency adoption will bring a positively substantial influence on the international cryptocurrency industry.

Manager of MasterCard Indonesia, Navin Jain noted that the Fintech giant is very happy to work with key players in another diverse culture and believes the partnership will help a significant number of people gain access to digital technology and services.

An exec at Fasset, Hendra Suryakusuma also believes the partnership will be to the advantage of Fasset as it will allow them to draw more people into digital financial services.

Mastercard will on its part support the ETH-based global digital gateway by increasing its financial inclusiveness and support to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency and new technology in the lowest spheres of the Asian locality.

Fasset had just raised $22M recently in a Series A funding round and will be hoping to take advantage of MasterCard’s wide reach to provide better digital services for the Indonesian people.

This isn’t MasterCard’s first investment into cryptocurrency as they announced in January that they had sealed a deal with a crypto exchange, Coinbase to help their customers to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using fiat currency.

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