Java is a well-known and loved programming language. It is used by a whopping number of about nine million developers and is known for its powerful processing speed in computer games, mobile applications, desktop applications, and software. It is also used in developing web-based applications and software for numerous platforms.

One of the things that make Java so popular is its ease of use for beginners.

Who is a Java Developer

A Java developer is someone who specializes in software development and collaborates with other software engineers and web developers to integrate Java into applications, software, and websites. He is responsible for developing a healthy code that can be easily integrated with the larger systems. Therefore, he plays a vital role in the software development life cycle. He plays lots of roles (from designing to testing) during software development such as design, development, and management of Java-based applications.

Some responsibilities of java developers  include:
· Design, implement & maintain Java application phases
· Architectural involvement & software development activities
· Conduct software analysis, testing, programming & debugging
· Identifying production & non-production application issues
· To transform requirements into stipulations
· Develop, test, implement & maintain application software
· Develop technical designs for app development
· Develop app code for Java programs

Must have skills as a java developer:
· Java-based web services
· Relational database, ORM & SQL
· J2EE framework
· Object-oriented design & analysis
· Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
· ESL, X query, XML
· Test-driven development

As a developer, why should you learn Java

1: Java Is a Versatile and Flexible Language

2: Java Is Not Going Anywhere

3: Java Is Favored by Employers

4: Java Has a Supportive Community

5: Java Is Friendly for Beginners

6: Java Developers Earn Impressive Salaries

Securing a certification in Java is the license you need to become a better Java developer. So, earning a certificate is important.

Oracle offers the following certifications

Oracle Certified Junior Associate:

This is the first stage in the java development journey. This level is designed for a developer with little or no experience in java. This certification can be earned by qualifying for the online test and securing 65%

Oracle Certified Associate:

This helps you professionally understand Java. Acquiring this certification certifies that you hold the high-level skills needed to become a Java developer. Scoring 65% marks in the exam guarantee you this certificate.

Oracle Certified Professional:

It is an advanced-level certification in Java. Anyone with this level of certification shows great proficiency in Java SE. To get qualified, you need to secure 61% marks in the exams.

Java Developer Salary

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Proven way To Become A Successful Java Developer

Read good books

Books have always been man’s best friends. Java can be learned by reading java related books. Any standard books on Java have everything in detail and they can help you learn easily.

Books for Java developers are as follows:

  • Head first java by O’Reilly
  • Beginning programming with java
  • Programming basics for absolute beginners
  • Think Java
  • Core java volume-1 fundamentals

Join Java communities

We are in the internet age and one thing you can always do is to constantly keep yourself updated. There are numerous forums and java communities where a large number of people are active daily. In forums such as this, discussions and news about the current developments in Java take place, and lots of resource materials, documentation, and tutorials are shared.

Take part in online challenges

Sites like and etc organize constant java challenges. You can participate in these coding challenges to make yourself a more dynamic java developer. Each level of challenge is faced with tough scenarios where your logical ability is put to test and this makes you a more vibrant coder.

Create projects on your own

Creating your small java projects helps you to apply all you have learned. This tends to build up your self-confidence making you able to sit for an interview confidently.

Join Java Training

Training can make you more dynamic in Java. It is easier to become a developer when you have gone through java training. There are lots of good training either online or offline. These classes help you learn things from the basics to the advanced level.

Keep practicing

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Nothing can beat practice. Regular practice helps you become a master of whatever you were a novice in and the same applies to becoming a good developer.


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