Is currently trading at the resistance zone and consolidating at the moment. The candlesticks are wicking through it on either side. So this isn’t an ideal trading condition. I’ll rather wait and watch until price action becomes better and the direction clearer. But generally market sentiment is still bearish, so I’m expecting lower prices.

Similar price action for ETH. Price is rejecting nicely from the resistance zone but with the current market conditions, I won’t be in a haste to engage and seek for entries. Sometimes waiting is also a trading strategy.

Traded up nicely into a resistance zone and looks like its gathering bullish momentum. The directional bias is quite clear though until we see a breakout.

Is trending bearish and rejected from the resistance zone. We should see lower prices and so I expect intraday shorts, manage your risk properly while scouting for setups on lower time frames.

Found support and has found bullish momentum. We should see intraday scalp longs into the support zone.

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