After rejecting from the $23,999 – $24,197 zone. Price found short term support on the $23,345 – $23,648 zone before finally breaking through it.
We are now at the major support zone of $22,372 – $23,031 price also rejected off the trendline support too. If this zone fails to hold, we’ll see tank down in price.
We should see a retest of the broken support zone before any major movements in price and so intraday long scalps can be taken just to that zone.

Rejected again from the major resistance zone and found support at the $1,610 – $1,662 zone. The trendline support is also holding up really nicely and we’re still trending bullish. Intra long scalps can come pending any major move in price.

Broke through the minor support well past the trendline support into the major support zone and had a re-test of the trendline support now turned resistance. It’ll be interesting to see how the $306 – $313 major support zone holds up else we’ll come crashing down. As the next zone is at $279 – $275.

The $41.2 – $42.8 support zone failed to hold and price just tapped into the $37 – $39 zone. The reaction from the current trading zone and also the trendline support will form the basis for the next movement in price.

Broke through the trendline support and also the support zone. I’m expecting a re-test of the zone before the downward move.

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