The support zone at $22,500 was defended and held up really nicely. Price has also broken through the minor resistance zone. I’m looking out for a rest of that zone at $23,500 and then a bullish run. Keep a close eye on BTC.


The 4h support zone has been solid so far and although ETH is trending bullish, the weekly resistance will be a huge hurdle to surmount. Price will continue the consolidation at that zone for a few days.


Found support at the $314 – $307 zone. And has continued it’s heavy bullish momentum.


The $37.5 – $39.0 support zone rejected price well and now we’re in the $41.5 – $42.7 zone. Price went a little above the zone by wicking through it, we should find support there and continue the bullish run or see a proper breakout before the retest. We could see a run up to $45.


The trendline support held up really nicely and we are currently bullish. What I want to see now is a proper breakout of the zone.



A viewer demanded an analysis of this particular coin so here it is. From what we see on the charts, GameFi tokens broke through a support zone and now it’s turned resistance as price has been wicking just above the zone. Should we break out of it properly, I want to see a retest of that zone and then a nice bullish move.


Also demanded by a viewer. RareFND has been trending bullish for a while now and is now consolidating at the $0.29 – $0.30 zone. If the trendline holds up we should continue the bullish move but if it’s broken through then we might have a retest which will be followed by a downtrend.

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