Intraday longs delivered yesterday as expected. Price came into the support zone one more time before the delivery. But we’re not yet at the $16.8k zone and so I won’t be looking to short just yet. Ideal entries for shorts will come via a good rejection from that level.

Also delivered intraday longs yesterday after finding support at the $1,160 zone. We’re almost at the resistance zone now and I’ll be looking to short from there.

Traded upwards as well after holding up really nicely on the support zone. I have my eyes on short entries as soon as we trade up into resistance.

Gave a clean price action reacting off the support zone and traded upwards reaching for higher prices. Shorts should come in soon as price just tapped into a short term resistance zone.

Also found support and delivered intraday longs yesterday. Will be on the look out for shorts based on resistance.


For a while now price has been trading within a range inside key support levels, so for now we’ll simply have to catch the moves inside of the range. Let us know your favorite crypto assets via the comment section below and we’ll have them analyzed for you.

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