BTC had a good rally yesterday and ended a bullish close.
We have a smaller range on the 1H timeframe. Our major support at $22,500 is still holding up nicely.


Is trending bullish at the moment but the weekly resistance zone will be difficult to break. We have seen 3 weeks of up close candles. Currently price has found support on the 4H support zone and is now trading at the strong resistance zone at $1,897 – $1,701. We might see price consolidate before another movement. Also a retest of the 4H support is still likely.


Still at the support zone of $313 – $306. After moving bullish for quite sometime now. We should be heading into consolidation before any further movements.


After finding support at the $38 – $37 zone, price reacted nicely and has also rejected from the resistance zone of $42 – $41. We should see price range in between the two zones for a while as they’re both strong zones outlined from the 4H.


Trending bullish but still rejecting at the resistance zone of $0.93 – $0.90.
We should see a breakout soon and a retest of the zone before another move.

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    Felix Aikhuele
    August 6, 2022

    Accurate analysis as usual.

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