Price dropped from 21k after a decent rally and is looking to find support at the current trading zone. If the zone holds we’ll begin to look for higher prices but if it falls through then we can get in on short entries.
I want to get a good reaction from this zone before engaging price. Although I’m leaning towards short term scalps to the downside.

Has rejected from the resistance zone and is having a re-test of the zone. I’m going with an intraday bearish bias and I’ll be looking to short if I find decent entry opportunities.

Failed to breakthrough and is currently trading at a major resistance zone. It’s a good area to scout short entries.

Retraced and found support, still trending bullish. Won’t be engaging on an intraday basis because no clear direction in sight. Although we’re trending bullish, should BTC dump, it will follow suit.

Broke through the resistance zone but failed to stay above it. Currently trading inside the zone but I fancy a breakout to the downside. Sticking to a bearish bias.

Let us know your favorite crypto assets and we’ll have them analyzed for. Welcome to a new week, I wish you all good luck and good trading.


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    October 31, 2022

    Thanks boss.

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