Price surged through quite a number of zones yesterday and considering price action on the dollar index, I think we’ll reach for higher prices on BTC. 20.8k is my short term target and I’ll be on the look out for entries that will support that move. However, price has just traded up into a major resistance zone, and so we might stall for a while before moving.


Has soared since leaving the major resistance zone where it later found support. Price has also filled the imbalance and looks to move higher into the next resistance zone.


Has traded up into resistance after and price has rejected off it slightly. We should still see higher prices but I’ll prefer to break above the current zone before engaging.


Has recovered really nicely, Breaking through resistance, I’ll like to see price close above it and then head further upwards to the next zone.


Is having a nice trending bullish move, I’ll be looking to ride this to the next zone in sight but I want to see price close above this zone where its currently trading.

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