Price rejected nicely from the resistance zone after the rally upwards, and is now trending down towards the support zone. I’ll like price to retrace into the short term resistance zone and fill the imbalance on the H4 before continuing the move downwards.

Traded through resistance but to failed to remain above it and is now trading currently below the zone. I’ll like to see a re-test of the zone before the move downwards.

Is currently trading at the resistance zone after failing to remain above it. I’d like to see price close below the zone, have a re-test and then slide down really nicely.

Has broken through the last major support which is looking to turn into resistance as price is currently having a re-test of the zone. If that zone holds up we might see Sol go to an all time low.

Traded up into resistance and rejected nicely, I’ll be looking to short it to the next zone below on a short term.

Welcome to a new week, let us know your favorite coins that you like to trade and we’ll have them analyzed for you. Also stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

I wish you all good luck and good trading.

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