Price has dumped into the major support zone at $19k and while this is a good zone to start seeking for long entries, I won’t be in a haste to do that until I get a good reaction from price on that zone and see confirmations of reversal on lower time frames, If this level fails to hold price, it will not look good for bitcoin.


Has also tanked down into support, and while I’ll be looking to long for am intra day bias, I’ll wait for confirmations as well on lower time frames.


Broke through a support zone, had a retest and dumped further downwards, seems to be heading towards the next support level below, I want to see price reach that zone before engaging.


Has dumped heavily into the last zone of support, price should reject from here. If we lose this level Solana might just be headed towards zero. Intra day long entries from this level should deliver.


Is also heavily bearish in price. I want to see it come down into support before engaging.

Overall market sentiment is bearish, trade wisely and use stop loss. I wish you good luck and good trading.

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