Trading between 2 key zones at the moment and currently sitting on short term support zone. If this short term support holds up really nicely, I’ll be looking to trade upwards to $19.6k on an intraday basis. If it doesn’t, we’ll wait for price to come into the major support before engaging.


I’d like to see price drop down into support before engaging ETH.


Is surging through the current support zone and most likely will break it. I’ll be waiting for price to reach for the next support zone before engaging it.


Similar situation for Sol as I wouldn’t want to engage just yet until it comes into the support and gives a good reaction before I’ll decide on the directional bias.


Rejected nicely from the resistance zone and had the retest, price is now looking to head towards the support zone and I’ll be looking to short it as we move downwards. I’ll be looking out for entries on the LTF.

Let us know your favorite coins in the comment section below and we’ll have them analyzed for you.

I wish you good luck and good trading


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