Is testing the resistance zone heavily after gaining support at the $19.7k level and price is on the edge of breaking the resistance zone. If this level holds, I’ll be expecting a breakout soon which will drive a short term rally towards $20.8k.


Has broken through the resistance zone and is looking to find support there. This is giving intra day long entry bias into the next zone above it.


Found support at the $285 zone, and is testing the resistance zone once again. I’ll like to see a breakout of the current zone and then a retracement to get into long entries.


Is still trading in between the two zones and is headed to the resistance zone. Should price react nicely from that level, I’ll be looking to short.


Traded up into the resistance zone and has failed severally to close above it as price keeps rejecting. We should have intraday short entries play out from this level.

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