Has rejected from the resistance zone and its now having some kind of consolidation at the moment. CPI news will be released today and it will inject volatility into the market. I think we might see higher prices after the news release but be safe engaging the market at this time.


Is already showing signs of a bearish move having rejected from the resistance, Although I’d like to see this a short retracement due to my bullish bias on the news release. We’ll wait and see how the market will react to that.


Is consolidating at the moment in between two key zones, price isn’t moving much here too and so we should await the news release which would inject volatility and push price.


Trading at a major support zone and excluding any fundamentals, we should see a nice rejection but then we cannot engage now until the news is released so we can work with the reaction of the market to the news.


Price is trying to stay above the just broken resistance and I think we might just find support and continue the run upwards.

The CPI news that will be released later today will have a huge impact on the market, so stay safe. I wish you all good luck and good trading.



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