Price has rallied from the $18.5k support, surging through a good number of zones. Currently trading at $21.5k, I want to see price hit $22k before trying to short. So I expect a little rejection from the current resistance zone and then we trade up into the $22k region for shorts.

Also saw its price rally by almost 15% and traded right into a major resistance zone. Might be quite difficult for price to trade through it and so we should see intraday shorts deliver from this zone. You can enter if you find good entries.

Is trending bullish at the moment and price just keeps moving. We could get to $320 in the short term but since we’re at resistance price may range for a while before the breakout.

Traded into resistance and although the bulls look strong from looking at price action, we should see some form of retracement from here even if we’re going higher.

Has traded into the resistance zone once more. We should out for intraday short entries for quick scalps into support.

Its the weekend and often times price is been manipulated, if you must trade you should manage your risks properly.

I wish you good luck and good trading.



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    Isaiah obuo
    September 10, 2022

    Great content love it

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