BTC is still trading at the major support zone. I expect an impulsive move to either side whenever the breakout happens. But we might see price range for a few days though just within the channel. While you can trade the range endeavour to use tight stops.


Similar scenario for ETH only that it may be more difficult for ETH to break through the weekly resistance zone as it is very strong. It broke through the 4H support and is currently retesting the zone. The trendline support should not be broken to give us a little bit of bullish momentum.


BNB is looking very bullish. Having broken through the weekly resistance zone and found support there. It has also rejected nicely off the 4H support zone and looks to reach out for higher prices. $300 is possible if the bullish run comes in.


Broke through the initial support zone and retested the zone as resistance. Sol has currently found support at the zone where it is currently trading. The trendline support is very important to watch out for. We might see it go lower though due to fundamentals as news going around as regards with Sol wallets been compromised is not good for the coin.


Broke through support, currently retesting the zone. It’ll be interesting to see how the trendline supports holds if eventually the retest find resistance at the current zone.

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