Seems to have found support and is now trading higher and like I said yesterday, I want to see it trade into $22k before heading downwards. We should trade bullish into the weekend, and so intraday long entries can be found on lower time frames.

Is rallying at the moment and we should see it trade up into $1750, I’ll search for entries to scalp intraday longs.

After consolidating for a while has broken out and traded higher, price just tapped into the resistance zone above and we’re seeing a rejection, but we should trade higher as the bullish trend is forming.

Price has broken out of the resistance zone and is own trending bullish. I want to see a rally to $38 in the short term as that’s where the next resistance zone is.

Trending bullish at the moment. Intraday long entries can be taken into the resistance at $0.86.

Let us know your favorite coins in the comment section below and we’ll have them analyzed for you.


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    Felix Aikhuele
    August 25, 2022

    BNB has been acting like a stable coin recently but holding strong at the $300 zone. While ETH has been having a steady upward movement moving faster than btc.

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