Well on yesterday’s analysis, I mentioned that while price was trading in the 23.5k support zone after closing below it, that it might just be a re-test to go lower and price could be headed for 22k in a short time and as expected price absolutely smashed through it, dumping by over 7%. The short term support zone couldn’t even hold up for a moment. And now we’re currently trading at another minor support, me might see relief buys to like 22.4k it should be a scalp if you want to engage that.

Although we were still on the support zone, I mentioned that we were already seeing a bearish trend form. And price after breaking through the trendline support, had a re-test and priced lower by a huge margin. Also currently trading at a minor support and considering how far price has sold. We should see some buying pressure from this zone.

Had a free fall as expected. I mentioned that we would see intra day shorts and it played out perfectly. After loosing the support at $310, price had a re-test of the zone and then dumped heavily. Now we should see some long intraday price action having traded into another support zone.

As I mentioned yesterday, expecting a re-test of the already broken support zone and then a sell off into the second support zone at least but price delivered way more than that. Absolutely smashing through the second support zone. Price is currently trading at another support zone having just wicked through it. We should see some buys here also but I wouldn’t expect much as the current zone isn’t looking like it’ll hold for long, so we might as well see lower prices.

Broke through support, had a re-test and dumped heavily. We may still see lower prices until $0.75 as that’s where the next support zone is.

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