BTC is holding nicely on the support zone, we do not want to lose this zone as it is a major support zone. But price keeps rejecting from the major resistance zone as well. However, the bullish trend is a good sign that we might yet see higher prices in the near future. On the 1H chart, price is consolidating at the moment and I would sit on my hands this time until see a significant move in price. Keep in mind that not trading is also a trading strategy so you don’t get burnt unnecessarily.



Is also consolidating on the broken resistance zone now turned support. This is a major zone and I want to see it defended nicely and then we can continue the bullish trend to higher prices.


We see price already printing a series of lower highs and lower lows which is an indication that a bearish trend might have as well started. The support zone at $310 coupled with the trendline support are the only things holding up price for now, should the give way, we might see a free fall to $300 which is a minor support zone.


Support zone is holding up after the rejection from the major resistance zone and price is currently consolidating on the lower time frame. I expect an impulsive move in price soon but we might as well just trade in between the 2 zones for now.


Also reacted of the support zone really nicely as well as the trendline support and price is gaining bullish momentum on the lower time frame. I want to see a short term rally to $1. Intraday longs can come in just into the resistance zone.

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