Had a sharp rejection from the major resistance as expected and is currently trading below the minor support zone which should give way soon. Price should find support at the major support zone $22,500 – $23,600 before any bullish move.

Having broken through the major resistance zone, price is having a little bit of retest and consolidation as well. I expect and impulsive move soon but the trend remains bullish as long we are above the major resistance now turned support zone.

Price created another higher high with the higher low resting on the trendline support in continuation of the bullish momentum. But price is currently trading at a major resistance zone of $324 – $342 and although the trend is heavily bullish, breaking out of this zone or not determines the next directional bias.

As expected there was a rejection in price from the major resistance zone and now price has found support at the $41.5 – $42.9 level. The trend remains bullish although breaking out of the major resistance zone would not be a walk in the park.

Is still consolidating at the $0.89 – $0.93 zone. Still expecting the impulsive move away from that zone before making any decision.

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