Founder and CEO of the Thai-based crypto platform Zipmex – Marcus Lim – has confirmed he will keep charge of the company unless the new major shareholders force him out. The company paused withdrawals last month but Marcus promised to reimburse every affected user.


Zipmex went through some serious challenges because of the ongoing bear market. Last month, it halted withdrawals by users and disclosed a mega-million exposure to Babel Finance and Celsius Network. Shortly after, Zipmex filed for moratorium relief to prevent its creditors from taking action against them for the next six months.


The turbulence resulted in widespread fear and panic among clients, and some of them asked the CEO – Marcus Lim – to step down from his position at the company. They believe his poor management decisions put Zipmex in it’s current position.


Marcus Lim was interviewed by The Australian Financial Review and he asserted that he will not resign until all lost funds are reimbursed to the affected users. He intends to bring in new majority shareholders to achieve this goal.


Once he has reached this goal, Lim said he and Co-Founder Akalarp Yimwilai will step down from their respective positions at Zipmex, if the customers still insist on their resignations. In his words, “Should this happen, my co-founder Akalarp [Yimwilai] and I have made it clear that we will fully cooperate with them and their wishes in the event they may be looking for a management change.”


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