Layer 1 blockchain protocol – Zilliqa – announced the launch of its new Web3-focused video game console which will be competing against Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony — but with a unique feature that makes it stand out. Zilliqa is working on a console that will offer users the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies while players have fun playing their favorite Web3 games.


According to Zilliqa’s statement, the console is designed for cryptocurrency enthusiastic gamers as it will feature its own web3 wallet, game hub and crypto mining facilities. Zilliqa will start testing the gaming hub by next month. Zilliqa has refrained from revealing the hardware specifications of the console. However, judging by ports visible in the photo reveal (Headphone Jack, Ethernet, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI, among others), it is expected to be a competitive product on par with its competitors.


Head of gaming technology at Zilliqa – Valentin Cobelea – said the company got a great response and reviews from its community when it announced its first game at Gamescom. The team expects to catch users’ attention for monetary incentives not only for the gaming capabilities of their device. This is will be a nice plus and a possible game-changer for those interested in getting it. Cobelea added that the console and gaming hub will be launched once the company expands its catalog in early 2023.


A recent Zilliqa report on Web3 games revealed that blockchain gaming activity skyrocketed more than 2000% in 2021 and despite the bearish season, some games managed to have more than 300 thousand active players. However, there is still a long way to go for these types of games to compete equally with those on Web 2 because players who enter Web2 do so to have fun without caring about economic gains. However, on Web3, the vast majority of players enter with the mindset to make money.


According to Zilliqa, the Web3 gaming industry is still in its early years, so possibly in the future, studios will be able to offer new game modalities that are fun and competitive beyond focusing on monetary incentives. A good example was the way Axie Infinity was in the midst of the Bitcoin bull run, where several families in countries like the Philippines abandoned their jobs to dedicate themselves full time to this game because of its monetary benefits.


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