Warner Music Group is entering into a partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea. According to the official statement, this collaboration will provide select WMG artists with a platform to build and extend their fan communities in Web3.

The music entertainment company revealed this information on Thursday via a press release.
Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development at WMG said that “Community is fundamental to music’s DNA – as both artists and fans come together to celebrate the music that they love.

In addition to this, Warner Music Group artists will be getting early access to OpenSea’s new drops product, which will come with improved discoverability, and storytelling on customized landing pages. This will include OpenSea’s industry-leading security and safety features. As a result of this artists will have a new form of connecting with their fans in Web3.

OpenSea’s Vice President of Product, Shiva Rajaraman, while speaking mentioned that, “NFTs represent a new creative medium for musicians and artists to build community while also serving as a mechanism to directly engage fans, and express themselves across borders and languages.”

Rajaraman also added that” As a big fan of music, he is thrilled to work with a partner who understands the significance of this technology, and is willing to use it to empower artists to directly own their fan connections.”

At the moment, the first collection of this new partnership is still in development, according to WMG.

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