The high court of England and Wales has allowed the founder of Italy-based online gambling company Microgame, Fabrizio D’Aloia, to file a lawsuit against anonymous people through an NFT drop.

This move will allow D’Aloia to serve legal documents to unknown persons who are connected to 2 digital wallets. This is prominent in the crypto sector where hacks and scams are often tied to wallet addresses.

This is a huge step forward for the mass adoption of crypto because it shows the willingness of the court towards embracing blockchain and adapting to new technologies. And stepping in to help consumers where previous legislation and regulators simply could not do that because of the limitations involved in it.

D’Aloia claims he was lured by an online brokerage into depositing about 2.1 million USDT and 230,000 USDC into two wallets that later turned out to be fraudulent and according to Joanna Bailey, an associate lawyer from Giambrone & Partners LLP who worked on the case, the court ruling allows D’Aloia to sue the people who are responsible for the fraudulent platform by sending them the court documents through an NFT drop to the two wallets.

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