Another unprecedented news sent the Solana community into a slight panic after its Mainnet beta was shut down after suffering a denial-of-service disruption which has seen its native token SOL decline over 17% as at the time of this press.

Earlier on as at 4:36pm UTC, Solana Status made a tweet on their official Twitter page about a halt in block production on their Mainnet beta. Network validators had been urged to look into a restart of their mb-validators.

Solana has sustained its chain in the crypto space as one of the top blockchains and among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in market capitalisation. This halt sent many into FUD-tweets creating a minor jitter in the crypto space, as Twitter trends recorded Solana on its top list.

The cause of the halt was stated in a tweet made by Solana status. The Solana mainnet beta halted due to abnormalities in the results for same block by nodes which came from a bug in their nonce – “A nondeterminism”, according to Solana Status.




This issue fabricated the Twitter space with alarms and possible withdrawals from the $SOL holders. The goodnews is that the validators have resolved the halt. The mainnet beta has been restarted after some hours of outage. Users can now heave a sigh after some moments of fearful speculations.




Image source: Medium

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