Chinese entertainment company, Tencent has recently made its debut into the world of non-fungible tokens by testing Avatars as profile pictures and a virtual room in its music application.

Founded in 1998, Tencent went on to establish itself in the gaming industry by 2003, and by 2005, it was widely recognized as one of China’s foremost tech giants and the world’s largest game developers and vending company.

Tencent does not only focus on gaming as it has different footholds in entertainment and other mobile and PC technology. Tencent and Spotify both collectively co-own music streaming software too called “QQ”. This music streaming platform has a user count of over 275 million monthly users worldwide according to and Tencent is planning to significantly increase that number to 700 million by the end of next year.

The company had recently begun testing NFTs Avatar Profile Pictures (PFP) in the music app and a new virtual room “Music Zone” feature inspired by the Metaverse. The NFT PFP avatars are inspired by Tencent’s blockchain “Zhixin”.

This virtual room function “Music Zone” will offer the function to invite friends and family on the app to a virtual room where all the people in the virtual room can listen to or stream a song together. On Monday, 4th July 2022, Tencent announced that QQ mobile app users can try the latest PFP NFT avatar features and virtual room.

The NFT PFP Avatars are priced at 0.88 Yuan ($0.13) and are also limited to just 40,000 versions. Official PFP sales will start on Wednesday morning as stated by a post from Tencent’s official QQ account.

This latest NFT and Music Zone update by Tencent comes on the back of a self-disciplinary 14-article proposal launched by Tencent, Baidou, and Ant Group to the Chinese Cultural Industry Association. The proposal called for NFT platforms to meet the requirements set by the Chinese law while also promising to prevent setting up any auxiliary NFT marketplaces.

Featured image source: Genesis Block

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