According to reports, Spanish football’s top tier – Primera Division, commonly known as La Liga – has partnered with the digital art platform – StadioPlus – to enter the Decentraland Metaverse. Through the partnership, the league will develop parcels of land in Vegas City district (a digital party town on the virtual reality platform).


According to recent media coverage, the move is aiming to grab the attention of Generation Z, who are the most active participants in the Metaverse ecosystem. It is expected that those born from 1997 to 2012 might increase their interest in Spanish soccer after seeing La Liga’s developments in Decentraland’s Vegas City district.


Head of Franchises and Licensing of La Liga – Stephen Ibbotson said the organization had always sought to innovate and surpass competing championships to ensure the best experience for La Liga fans, on and off the pitch. On its part, StadioPlus will offer technical and creative guidance in the partnership. It will also gain rights to La Liga intellectual property for commercial use in the Metaverse.


The two most successful Spanish soccer teams – FC Barcelona and Real Madrid – have already hopped on the Metaverse bandwagon. A month ago, the fierce rivals shook hands in a partnership and filed for a joint Metaverse trademark application. Through this, they can provide products like virtual reality gaming and cryptocurrency transaction management software for their fans.


Another La Liga soccer club that engaged with the digital asset sector this year is RCD Espanyol. In May, it partnered with Crypto Snack to become the first local team that offers the option to purchase tickets in cryptocurrencies. Asides that, supporters can buy food and beverages during matches and merchandise in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets.


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