Virtual reality is a technology that allows you to do whatever you want, go wherever you can possibly imagine, and be whoever you choose to be. It places you inside any content, video game even in a movie scene. It is the use of technology to create a three-dimensional simulated environment that can be traversed and interacted with by a person. That person becomes immersed in this computer-generated world/environment while using varieties of electronic equipment to interact with the scenes and control the environment

In Virtual reality, senses such as smell, vision, touch, and hearing are stimulated which gives the user an intriguing immersed experience.  Computer sensors and maths are used rather than positioning a real camera within the stimulating environment. The graphic reactions are controlled when the user moves his/her head.

Three things to pay attention to before deep diving into VR app development.


Creating an environment for the virtual world involves modeling textures, layers, and taking assets through the production pipeline. Balancing the 3D aesthetic with real-time performance and optimization is an important skill set. Being well knowledgeable with software such as 3Ds Max, Blender, or Maya is very vital.

Design Sense and Visualization

In the world of design, context is everything. To create a virtual environment comparable to the real world, aids like attention to detail are vital. This helps to eliminate any form of dissention that the user might encounter while looking at objects in the simulated environment.


Language like C# scripting and script optimization is very key for creating a seamless experience by eliminating superfluous slowdowns which affect performance. C, C++, and C# developers with skills in game engines like Unity and Unreal are well sought out.

Skills a VR developer must have includes:

  1. 3D Tools

The earliest VR developers emerged from the game industry specifically because of their knowledge of 3D game engine tools like Unreal and Unity, with unity as the most used game engine amongst the majority of VR developers.

A virtual reality developer must have a good understanding of textures, scripts, objects, components, and other Unity basics which plays a vital role in developing virtual reality models.

  1. Software Engineering

Good knowledge of C# has been a prerequisite for VR development in recent years. Though knowledge and experience in C# will be advantageous, with the rise of UnityScript (a language designed specifically for use with Unity and modeled after JavaScript) and WebVR ( a JavaScript API that enables browsers to connect with VR devices), mastering JavaScript can be a sufficient and useful replacement. Your journey in software engineering becomes easier when you have competence in either of the two or both.

  1. Sound Design

Not adding any audio futures is one of the first lessons you will be thought as a web developer. From the earlier 2000s and until this day, auto-playing audio and video exist on sites and continue to infuriate users. But combining sound in VR experiences is very critical to creating immersive experiences. Game developers can integrate audio into their projects with ease. while web developers have a lot to learn about sound design.

  1. UI/UX

When surfing the web, you must have noticed that lots of pages vary in design. But every website follows common practices with shared icon meaning, user behavior patterns, hyperlinks, and so on. But in VR, you would have to stay updated with the current trends and UX practices.

Other general Skills Needed For Virtual Reality development are:

  • Video editing.
  • 3D Modelling.
  • Good knowledge of CAD (computer-aided design), VR operation tools, and DSLR 2D images and videos.
  • Experienced in creating VR content
  • Experience in digitalization trends.
  • Knowledge of device specs and hardware.
  • Skilled in operating wearables such as HTC VIVE, Oculus, and HoloLens.


Featured image source: Dreamstime

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