If there is one programming language that needs no introduction, then it is Python. With its rising popularity and increase in demand in our current world, one is bound to wonder about ‘How To Become A Python Developer’.

Firstly we will be dealing with, “who is a Python developer” and what’s in for Python developer.

Who Is A Python Developer?

There is no specific definition of a Python developer, but there are certain areas and job roles a Python developer can undertake according to the skill-set they possess. A Python developer can either be a Software Engineer, Web developer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist or an Automation tester, etc. Any of the above can be said to be a python developer.

Now the next question would be, why become a python developer when there are lots of other programming languages that we can learn. let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should become a python developer.

Why Become A Python Developer?
Python was the most popular programming language in 2018 and ever since there has been a rapid increase in demand.

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Python programming language has lots of features that compare developers to switching to Python over other programming languages. Easy syntax and readability make learning Python a lot more simple for any developer.

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Due to its very easy-to-learn nature, developers don’t have to put lots of effort into building complex programs. They only tend to focus on the operation aspect, where Python actually delivers.
What is Python Programming?
Python is a high-level, interpreted, object-oriented, dynamically-typed, general-purpose programming language. The philosophy of its design emphasizes majorly on code readability with the use of significant indentation.
Python is a multipurpose interpreted Programming language, with tons of Libraries to furnish its purpose. Examples include Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, etc.

Python is a free and open-source language that can run on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The popularity of a Python Developer has increased over the years, same with its increase in demand.
Here are some of the top companies in the world that use Python programming language. This goes a long way to tell how much impact Python has made in the industry.

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Python developers are obviously well paid. The graph shows how much a Python developer makes in a year.
It is a decorative pay that can be achieved with lots of hard work and a structured approach to attaining that level. But certainly, it isn’t as difficult as it seems.

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Here are a few job roles and their expected skills for a Python developer:
Software Developer/Engineer
A software developer/engineer must be well experienced with fundamental python, web frameworks, and Object-relational mappers. Must also have a good understanding of multi-process architecture and RESTful APIs to integrate applications with other components.

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Front-end development skills and a good knowledge of databases are cool skills for a software developer. Experience in writing Python scripts and system administration is an add-on when aspiring to become a software developer.

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Python Web Developer
A Python web developer is essential to write server-side web logic. They should be familiar with web frameworks and HTML and CSS which are the basis for web development.
Good knowledge of Databases and writing Python scripts is a vital skill. Libraries like Tkinter for GUI-based web applications are mandatory. Having mastery of all these sets of skills are criteria for becoming a python web developer.

Data Analyst
A data analyst is essential for data interpretation and analysis. And basic skill they must possess is a versed knowledge of Mathematics and statistics.
Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, seaborn, etc are useful for data visualization and manipulation.

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Data Scientist
A data scientist is required to possess a detailed knowledge of data analysis, interpretation, manipulation, mathematics, and statistics in order to be proactive in the decision-making process. They also need to have mastery in Machine learning and AI with all the algorithms of machine learning such as regression analysis, naive Bayes, etc.
A data scientist must be well experienced in libraries like Tensorflow, sci-kit-learn, etc thoroughly. A data scientist is to be all-rounded when it comes to fulfilling roles in development.
The amount of proficiency needed from a data scientist must be balanced across all domains.

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Machine Learning Engineer
To become a Machine learning engineer, you must understand the deep learning concepts, Neural network architecture, and machine learning algorithms on top of mathematics and statistics. A machine learning engineer must be well skilled in Algorithms like gradient descent, Regression analysis, and building prediction models.
A couple of python libraries used for machine learning include TensorFlow and scikit learn. A machine learning engineer is required to make a machine perform a specific task rather than just mere programming.

AI engineer
An AI engineer must be well skilled in programming, good knowledge of Data Science concepts and Data Modelling concepts. Deep learning and Neural network understanding is compulsory.
The job of an AI engineer is to program the computer to think like a human or react the way a human being would in a particular situation. And this happens through a cognitive simulation.
The basic required tasks include reasoning, Natural language processing, knowledge representation, and general intelligence. Below is a representation of a neural network.

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Automation Testing Engineer
Programming skills are like a basis for any automation test engineer. Selenium web driver and all related technologies are a must-have. For Eg: TestNG, and ATLC methodology.
Automation engineers are expected to recognize software processes for automation. They are expected to design and execute automation scripts that will run to check the functionality of the processes, They are responsible for developing testing approaches and frameworks for automation.

How To Become A Python Developer
To become a Python developer, you must adopt a structured approach to master all essential skills. Here is a list of such:
Python Fundamentals
1. Variables And Data Types
2. Data Structures And Algorithms
3. Loops, Conditional, And Control Statements
4. I/O Operations And Exception Handling
5. Modules And File Handling
6. Database Knowledge

These Python fundamentals are the foundation for any programming language. Any aspiring developer must master all these basic concepts.
After getting acquainted with these concepts, you can decide which career path you want to go with and seek to master all the skills required to achieve your goal.

Web Frameworks
1. Django Or Flask
3. MVC-MVT Architecture
4. Server-Side development

Mastering web frameworks and these concepts will amount to you becoming a web developer.
You can also develop GUI-based applications or web applications depending on the specifications to master your skills.

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