Iconic fashion and lifestyle brand Playboy have announced a new venture into the Metaverse. They will be partnering with Sandbox to bring their real-life Playboy party mansion to the Metaverse.

This partnership is hoping to produce a Meta-themed social gaming experience that will offer social play, gaming, events, and digital collectibles/assets launches, all of this coming from Playboy’s diversely creative library.

The bunny brand has been creating experiences that have been largely controversial for more than 70 years. The company said that its partnership with Sandbox is hinged on Sandbox’s innovative platform.

The lifestyle brand plans to introduce a virtual replica of their famed party mansion into the Metaverse. They plan to release this new ecosystem on the Sandbox platform as part of their new strategy to engage and involve their products and services in the next generation of the internet and Web 3.0.

The whole Playboy Metaverse experience will include social mixers, mini and multi games, organized events, and subsequent regular release of digital assets and collectibles. All of the plans are inspired by the past 70 years of Playboy’s existence and all the work the brand has published since its creation.

In October last year, Playboy released their NFT collection called the Playboy Rabbitars. The NFTs were based on Avatars and people who minted or purchased the NFTs can enjoy access to specially crafted experiences in the company’s virtual ecosystem hosted on Sandbox.

The partnership between Sandbox and Playboy will expand upon the groundwork Playboy has done on Web3. Playboy was one of the pioneer companies in the NFT craze as their genesis NFT dropped in the Spring of 2021. The collection was named Liquid Summer and sold out in three minutes.

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