Majong Studios, the team behind the videogame Minecraft announced on 20th July that they would no longer accept or support the use of non-fungible tokens in Minecraft.

This decision is surprising because many gaming giants like Activision and Tencent are embracing non-fungible tokens into their products and systems.

Majong Studios said that their decision stems from a consensus that NFTs are a privilege to some users in games which is an unfair advantage. They reiterated that they are trying to avoid a scenario of shortages and exclusion due to the NFT usage model.

The company stated that the use of NFTs and Blockchain technology does not agree with Minecraft’s values of inclusion and co-play as they allow players to earn rewards through other activities outside the game.

Majong Studios also argued that the use of NFTs in-game will shift the focus of the players from enjoying the game and having fun which is the primary objective of the company to concerns over the speculative price of the NFTs.

They also mentioned that there is an increase in hacking and scam problems by the companies managing these assets. This puts those in-game tokens at risk of disappearing without any chance of recovery which is a common occurrence in many crypto games that use Blockchain technology and NFTs.

Majong Studios also stated that although they are currently against Blockchain and NFT integration into Minecraft, they are still open to studying the development of this technology over time to see if it can be beneficial to their game in the long term.

They however reiterated that they have no intention of this inclusion in the short term. This announcement has been met with concerns in the gaming ecosystem as other projects that are built on the Minecraft ecosystem will be affected by the decision.

NFTWorld is one of the NFT projects hinged on the Minecraft ecosystem and a few hours after the announcement, NFTWorld’s native token price fell by more than 58%. This has fuelled widespread uncertainty among players who don’t know what the future holds for gaming.

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    Felix Aikhuele
    July 22, 2022

    The future of gaming and nfts is bright but when the purpose of something isn’t achieved, abuse is inevitable. Other games willing to implement NFT should learn from Minecraft’s mistake and adjust policies that will make the game both fun and enjoyable without drifting focus.

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