Bitcoin saw its price dip below $28,000 however, that move was short-lived as the asset recovered and spiked back above that level, it also went further as the price traded at $29,200 hours ago.

Altcoins are also slightly on the positive side of things. STX rallied the most, moving by over 7% and LDO recovered some of the losses incurred yesterday.

Last Monday, there was massive volatility as the price of the asset went south over the grand fake news surrounding the CEO of Binance, the following days saw the cryptocurrency perform slightly calmer and better.

The peak of last week came on Wednesday when the price of Bitcoin spiked to just under $29,000. However, the move was interrupted by the bears and they pushed the asset down. As a result of that, Bitcoin returned to around $28,000 and spent a good number of the next several days trading around that line.

Over the weekend, bitcoin was much calmer as it sat tight in a range between $27,800 and $28,200. Dipping to the former yesterday. Nevertheless, in the past few hours, BTC initiated a notable leg-up, which has resulted in the assets jumping over $29,000.

Image Source: TradingView

The cryptocurrency still trades above $29,000. With its market cap going close to $550 billion once more, and its dominance over the alts just over 46%.

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