The market has seen a lot of downturn over the past few days, series of fundamentals caused BTC to dump by over 25% and right into the support zone at $16k, we’re all hoping this zone holds but the reality is that we may still see BTC dump further in the coming weeks.

It’s going to be a rough ride towards the end of the year should that happen. Everyone get ready.

Dumped heavily as well by 34% breaking through a number of support zones, should BTC trade lower, ETH will definitely follow suit although it rejected from the current long term strong support zone.

Has seen a massive tank down in price of about 34%. A lot of uncertainty in the past few days over the failed Binance takeover of FTX. Price hit the major support zone at $260 and held up, how things unfold from here we can only wait and see

Got caught up in the whole Binance-FTX saga and suffered a huge dump of 75%. Things are not looking good for Sol due to FUD. It might just be headed to zero in the coming days.

The FTX’s exchange native token suffered a huge dump. Going down by over 90%. As concerns arose surrounding bankruptcy and the future of the exchange.

You don’t want to be caught in trading market conditions like this, its best to sit on your hands for now as not trading is also part of trading. Everyone should be on the sidelines and stay safe.

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