In an interesting turn of events, Interpol has issued a red notice for Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon – signaling that the legal issues resulting from the collapse of LUNA have been severe enough to warrant international attention. Kwon was confirmed as MIA from his Singapore residence where he was previously believed to be despite claiming that he is cooperating with the relevant authorities.


A red notice is not an arrest warrant in itself, rather, it is a request to all countries whose law enforcement officers collaborate with Interpol, to locate and provisionally arrest the person in question on behalf of the nation where the fugitive is wanted. This means that every country that collaborates with Interpol is now on the look-out for Do Kwon and this vastly narrows his options as he remains on the run.


So far, the red notice is not yet on Interpol’s official website but authorities in Seoul have confirmed that such a request has been put out for Do Kwon according to Bloomberg. South Korean authorities also recently put out a warrant for his arrest citing breaches of local capital laws. At that time, Do Kwon was believed to still be at his residence in Singapore. However, law enforcement authorities confirmed that he was not there on 17th September 2022.


The news coming from Singapore contradicts Do Kwon’s claims that he is cooperating with all relevant authorities that have reached out to him. However, it does align with South Korean authorities’ point of view that Kwon is clearly on the run. He is required to notify authorities at once if he returns to his home country. If he is located by law enforcement authorities, Do Kwon will face accusations of illegal fundraising and tax fraud, among other charges.


The news is yet another heavy blow to Luna investors who recently got their hopes up after the infamous cryptocurrency started a recent pump. Kwon is also facing a separate investigation by Anonymous, who have vowed to look into his previous business dealings and expose any relevant information to anxious members of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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