The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has revealed plans to build a virtual campus in the Metaverse. The online-based campus will be named Metakhust and the institution will begin the project by building a virtual classroom that will allow students from other locations to attend classes as if they were in the same space. The virtual classroom will host the launch of the University’s new Guangzhou campus.


As more institutions are finding ways to incorporate web 3.0 and the Metaverse into their teaching and learning methods, The Hong Kong University has announced this giant stride, setting a precedent among it’s Asian peers. The Metakhust will integrate both of its campus locations like they were one.


The metaverse-based campus will be first tested in the launching of the Guangzhou campus that the University will be hosting next September. Professor of computational media and arts at the Guangzhou campus, Professor Pan Hui, stated that a lot of their expected guests for the launch will be overseas and so the new campus will be launched in the metaverse.


The institution explained that metaverse-based classrooms and campuses can offer more in a learning environment when compared to the traditional classroom setting that consists of using video conference tools. Professor Pan Hui said that metaverse environment will offer more interaction and exposure for students who will feel as if they were attending their classes in a real classroom.


Hui also further said that this new web 3.0 focus will foster unity and participation that would have been more difficult to achieve because of geographic constraints. To achieve this virtual campus, the university will install numerous cameras and sensors around their physical campus to feel live information and updates into their metaverse campus.


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