Facebook has just recently announced that they will be testing a new feature that allows artists to upload their NFTs under their profile in a new tab. The artworks will be labeled as digital collectibles and will look just like the same feature on Instagram (which is owned by the same company). If this new feature is widely embraced, Facebook users will be able to link their cryptocurrency accounts to their Facebook profiles.

This will promote easier peer-to-peer transactions of non-fungible tokens on the social media platform. Users will also have the choice of converting their NFTs into Facebook posts that can be engaged (liked, commented on, and shared) like regular Facebook posts.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company’s product manager, Navdeep Singh revealed in a tweet on Wednesday how the NFTs will look on Facebook. Facebook will start testing this new feature with Ethereum and Polygon NFTs and with time, it will add support for Solana and Flow NFTs.

According to other sources, Meta wants to incorporate and accommodate Web 3.0 people because the media giant has also started testing updates to Facebook groups that will make them more like Discord.

The social networking company had already started rolling out new NFTs features for Instagram for a few select creators in a few countries. Instagram had stated that if you share NFTs on the app, it will automatically tag the creator and collector of the product with no charge at all for posting or sharing. Collectors will also be able to use their NFTs as live stickers.

Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri said that the company’s decision to incorporate NFT features into apps was hugely influenced by the growing creative NFT ecosystem and this move comes on the back of the fast-rising popularity of digital assets.

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    Felix Aikhuele
    July 4, 2022

    Facebook doing Web3 things is very sweet. If this NFT feature is fused successfully will help spread Web3 to the public because it’s an app for the masses.

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