International exchange, has begun phasing out Netflix and Spotify rewards for their customers who stake less than $30,000 in the platforms native token, $CRO. There is now relatively very little rewards for any customers who are average crypto users.


The company revised merchant benefits for current customers stating that only users with with jade green, royal indigo and ruby steel cards that have been activated before 23rd July will enjoy the Netflix and Spotify benefits that are available through their card tier.


The benefit revision also stated that the selected merchant benefits are valid and subject to current existing conditions for six more months until 23rd January 2023. After that, cardholders will no longer enjoy any CRO reimbursements when servicing these merchants. Instead, there will be a 2% cashback for users when they spend with these merchants and it will still be dependent on their card tier.


Any cardholders that upgrade their cards or CRO stake after 23rd July 2022 will enjoy the merchant rebate benefits that apply to their new card tier or CRO stake for six months starting starting from the day of their upgrade. The extension of benefits whole upgrading a card will apply to all new and existing users who are upgrading above their highest previous card.


Private members that hold an Icy White, Frosted Gold or obsidian card will continue to earn their existing rebate benefits when servicing these merchants under the current conditions. Also, any customers upgrading to any of these cards will continue to enjoy the merchant rebate benefits that comes with the card as long as they maintain the card.


There are no other changes to other card benefits. Customers will continue to enjoy their 2% Cashback on all their spending through the platform’s financial tools and the company announced that they are exploring new partnerships to secure greater benefits for their cardholders such as their recently announced Dosh partnership that offers U.S. cardholders up to 10% of additional rewards with over 10,000 different brands.


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    Felix Aikhuele
    July 25, 2022

    This is a beautiful innovation. Currently, Binance is also set to roll out cards and will transact with $BUSD with many cashbacks for customers.

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